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RuB is a manufacturer of shut-off brass valves with focus on ball valves for gas, water, air, oil installations. A family owned company that has been doing business in North America for decades. We understand regional market requirements that satisfy customer’s needs.

We are proud of our Quality Management System which satisfies ISO9001, and allows us PED compliance utilizing state of the art technology to perform the most severe tests in this industry on our valves.

Thanks to our know-how we are able to develop standard products for many different applications as well as OEM products tailored on our customer’s needs.

Now more than ever, the basic fundamental which guides our business is the belief that Meeting Standards is our Standard. Our people are working to meet todays increasing demands of process improvements, new materials & technologies. 





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RuB Valves & Actuators featured in television show “Enterprises TV” with host Terry Bradshaw

RuB is featured in the television show Enterprises TV hosted by Terry Bradshaw in their “Key Equipment Solutions Driving Industry Efficiency”.  Enterprise TV is an American television show with nationwide exposure showing in several networks like Fox and ABC and over 200 of their affiliated stations across the United States and Canada reaching over 98% of American households. It is hosted by celebrity Terry Bradshaw and it features interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs and industry professionals across North America and throughout the world.

RuB, Inc. has chosen this media to promote its excellence in servicing North America with top of the class products and services. Enjoy this video and please give us your feedback









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