Our Future

During 2017, our company has seen some important changes that we want to share with you.

On the corporate side, our founder Silvio, born in 1933 retired from the board and passed his shares to his two sons: Luciano and Sandro Bonomi.

In this corporate, financial, but also – and probably most important – family changing process, being the new owners in their mid to late fifties, the endeavor was to lay the foundations for the next generation to enter as partners and – maybe – managers. Both Luciano and Sandro will enjoy another twenty years of opportunities to make our company grow before they will pass to their seven children a healthy, international, diversified, structured and committed organization.

The decision was therefore to restructure the company creating an operational holding called “Hadron srl”, that is now the main shareholder of Rubinetterie utensilerie Bonomi srl and it manages the group’s administrative, financial, controlling, human resource, information technology, quality and marketing areas; the real estate properties moved into a newco called “Shedstone srl” creating diversified opportunities for those, among the children, who will show determination and skills to continue the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from Silvio. Our foreign operational arms, RuB Inc (USA) and RuB k.k. (JAP) continue to be supervised by Rubinetterie utensilerie Bonomi srl, while the real estate investment built in 2014 in the USA now falls under Shedstone that, in due course, will become an operational real estate company in all aspects.

As written in forms and letterhead of Rubinetterie utensilerie Bonomi and Shedstone, Hadron is going to manage and coordinate them.

On the entrepreneurial side, our top managers, in all business areas, bring competence, ideas and determination to improve; their vision of ethical and sustainable growth matches perfectly that of the Bonomi family.

More so, in 2017 we grabbed the opportunity to purchase properties next to our plant in Mazzano – Italy, that had its first cornerstone laid in 1974. Early in 2018, works to double the current 12.000 square mt plant surface have started with plans to increase the commercial, technical and administrative areas as well.

The future RuB, will therefore be more dynamic, complex and at the same time LEAN. We intent adding new products while keeping ownership within the Bonomi family.

We hope you will continue to give us your preference and we promise to improve ourselves creating new growth opportunities for both your company and ours. Thank you!


                                                                                            Truly yours
RuB Team