Production & Organization


Our heart and soul are those of manufacturers. We enjoy the sound of machine tools and the beauty of making.

We pride ourselves of creating new solutions that simplify the work of our OEM customers and amaze our distributors.

 We fully control the manufacturing process from sourcing raw materials, to hot forging, from machining to assembly and packaging on highly automated state of the art equipment performing hundreds of thousands of tests every day to ensure our customers receive quality that exceeds their expectations.

Our unique 24h double seal test performed on 100% of forged 2way valves guarantees hassle-free performance in the field and we are so confident of our quality that we offer “Life Warranty on our valves.

All machines are connected to ERP to monitor real-time productivity and efficiency and for planning purpose.

A combination of high volume and flexible production is in place to serve a broad variety of needs and optimize added value of each part.

We’ve implemented innovative laser etching technology and logistic uses wireless and barcodes across the plant to speed up moving material from one area to the next and ensure continuous control of quality and quantity of material.

New major investments are in place to add interconnectivity among different equipment bringing RuB into Industry 4.0 and beyond.


Despite advance in technology, connectivity, scientific discoveries, what really makes the difference is PEOPLE.

RuB professionals are committed to LEAN process and LEAN thinking. Our RuB People Think LEAN project brings continuous improvement embracing all areas of our organization supported by effective training and open communication.

RuB executives govern processes and exchange ideas with their co-workers and among themselves promoting customers’ needs constantly and relentlessly.

RuB has been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification by Lloyd’s Register and traceability is certified by PED certification ensuring we provide our customers precise batch identification from raw material to finished product. We also value product type approvals which confirm not only the performance of our products, but the engineering study that stands behind them.