s.135 stainless steel


2″ – 3″ – 4″ ANSI B16.5 flange, ISO 5211

Technical Data
  • Anti-static device
  • Locking device
  • Long cycle life
  • Test standard: API 598
  • API 607 4th edition fire safe approval
  • Vacuum service to 29″ Hg
  • Body: ASTM A351 Gr. CF8M
  • Blow-out proof stem design
  • Adjustable stem packing
  • ME-PTFE seal kits:
    -replaces PTFE, RPTFE and FPA
    -low deformation under load
    -low permeation
  • ANSI B16.5, B16.10 and B16.34 full compliance

  • Handle in ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12
  • WARNING: do not exceed reasonable temperature and/or electrical load
Working pressure & temperature
  • General use: 750 PSI (see chart on reverse)
  • 275 PSI for ASME 150 CF8M (see chart on reverse)
  • Steam rating: 150 PSI WSP
  • -50°F to +475°F
  • WARNING: freezing of the fluid in the installation may severely damage the valve
Approved by or in compliance with
  • GOST-R (Russia)


NOTE: approvals apply to specific configurations/sizes only.

*ME-PTFE is Moleculary Enhanced PTFE

Part descriptionQ.tyMaterial
1Body1ASTM A351-CF8M
2Cap1ASTM A351-CF8M
3Ball1ASTM A351-CF8M
4Stem1ASTM A276 Gr.316
7Thrust washer1ME-PTFE*
9Gland1ASTM A351-CF8
11Snap ring2SS304
12Gland bolt2ASTM A193 Gr.B8
13Handle1ASTM A536 Gr.65-45-12
Torque for actuator sizing in-lb
Torque correction factors

Valve torque can vary according to operating frequency, temperature and friction characteristics of the media.
If media has more or less friction than water, multiply torque by the following factors.

Lubricating oils or liquids  0.8
Dry gases, natural gas 1.5
Slurries or liquids bearing abrasive particles 1.5÷2.5


Pressure-temperature chart
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XCE135U - 4431