RuB People think LEAN


Our family company has grown through the years, aiming with ambition to be the best in terms of technology, product and customer service. Silvio Bonomi teaches us, “I have always believed in three essential factors to sell in world markets:

1) Make quality products
2) Offer competitive prices
3) Meet delivery dates required by customer”

Even if the world is continuously changing, these factors are always up-to-date because this is what customers demand.  The way to achieve such objectives has substantially changed through time. In the old days, it was enough to have the latest piece of equipment; now efficiency, timeliness, accuracy, professionalism and speed of executing processes are required from each individual employee and the company’s success is based upon Value of People

A glitch in the process puts at risk the work of everyone and that is why everyone must strive to act immediately to eliminate any waste. Everyone has to give the best of him- or herself as part of a greater team effort. The world is constantly changing and improving does not mean that we just keep doing things well, but, most important, it means we adapt to new requirements. One must understand what the new requirements are and must respond with enthusiasm and brilliance to find solutions that others do not have, allowing us to better meet the needs of the customer.

Our products are successful worldwide for their quality and reliability. We know ourselves well and we know that there is still room for improvement: such improvement requires the joint efforts of each and all of us at RuB. Together, we will make it.

The LEAN project we have started is a route that leads far ahead. It is a constructive way to get people working together towards a common goal and a way of thinking and acting that will help us emerge further in the market.

Energy, passion, mutual trust, professional and personal growth.  These are our values.

We work every day with professionalism and motivation and we are aware that we are producing not only valves, but also building our future.

Luciano and Sandro Bonomi



What does “RuB people think LEAN” mean?

The word LEAN can be translated into Italian by using the term “SNELLO” (slim), but certainly we’re not talking about the ‘latest revolutionary diet to lose weight’…
The LEAN way of thinking is actually a way to conceive, organize and carry out the work in a LEAN way, hunting all possible wastes and terminate them.
This allows everyone to “do more and do better with less“, to add value to each action and to provide answers and higher value products to our customers.
To achieve this goal we will rely on some of the technics studied and applied with excellent results in other companies in the past, but the key to success is that RuB people assume a different attitude in LIVING their experience at RuB.

The best results are those coming from team work.

If we all agree with this statement we must adopt a new behavior that confirms every day that we are a team.

Some will say that in our environment there is a certain lack of motivation, lack of interest and even unwillingness or inability to assume their responsibilities.  If this was the case in the past, then moving forward, ALL are called onto a new attitude that leads us straight to the heart of things, an attitude that makes us answer to some fundamental questions in any business activity we perform: what is the real value that is expected from my work?

What quality is expected from the product I am working on? What kind of support can I offer for the continuous improvement of my work and that of my colleagues? How can I contribute to grow my company?

If we compare RuB to a tree, we know that to pick good fruit, the tree must have good roots.
The roots of a company are PEOPLE.
The roots of RuB are all of US.