s.39 NPT high pressure


micro 1/8” – 1/4″
hot forged brass ball valve

Technical Data

• Dual sealing system allows valve to be operated in either direction
making installation easier
• No metal-to-metal moving parts
• No maintenance ever required
• Silicone-free lubricant on all seals
• Chrome plated brass ball for longer life
• Each valve is seal tested for maximum safety
• Handle stops on body to avoid stress at stem
• Handle/ stem clearly shows ball position


• Hot forged sand blasted brass body
• Finest brass according to EN 12165 specification


• Blowout-proof brass stem
• Maintenance-free,  double FPM O-ring at the stem for maximum safety


• Pure PTFE self-lubricating seats with flexible-lip design


• NPT taper ANSI B.1.20.1 female by female threads

  • Reinforced nylon black wedge handle
  • Handle removable with valve in service
  • WARNING: do not exceed reasonable temperature and/or electrical load
Working pressure & temperature

• 900 PSI (60 bar) non-shock cold working pressure
• -4°F (-20°C) / +200°F (+90°C)
WARNING: freezing of the fluid in the installation may severely damage
the valve


• Male by female threads
• Nylon wedge handle yellow, red or blue
• ISO 228 parallel threads

Upon request
  • ISO 7/1 BSPT taper threads
  • Other brass alloys or aluminum
  • Additional connection options



Approved by or in compliance with

• RoHS Compliant (EU)


NOTE: approvals apply to specific configurations/sizes only.

Part descriptionQ.tyMaterial
1Nickel plated body (external nickel plated, unplated inside)1CW617N
2Ball seat2PTFE
3Chrome plated ball1CW617N
5Nickel plated end cap (external nickel plated, unplated inside) 1CW617
6Unplated stem1CW617N
7O-Ring 1FPM
8Zinc plated screw1C10C
9Black handle1Nylon glass filled 30%


DN shows the nominal flow diameter.

Pressure-temperature chart
Pressure drop chart
Ask for additional information on the whole range of RuB products and consult with your supplier for special applications.
XCES39N - 4187