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RuB is sponsor of “I bambini delle fate” . The main activity of this social enterprise is give a help to the childrens that are affected by Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

In cooperation with the Hospital “Spedali Civili” of Brescia, RuB is sponsor of a project with the aim to recover and restructure a medical clinic in the heart of the city and start-up a course in order to teach to parents how to communicate with own children. For more info:


RuB is excited to continue its commitment in support historic monuments in the city of Brescia by adopting the Old Cathedral also locally known as the “Rotonda”. This historic monument is one of the greatest examples of circular Romanesque architecture in Italy dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. It was built between the fifth and sixth century and stands on the ruins of the early Christian basilica of “Santa Maria Maggiore de Dom”.

Our company will once again have the great honor of being represented on one of the most symbolic buildings of the city. This is another unique marketing opportunity that allows RuB to contribute to the promotion of local culture expressing civil responsibility.



We are proud to announce our support to a new project “Adopt a Monument” promoted by the City of Brescia demonstrating the ability of our administrators to put in symbiosis new technologies and the historical traditions of Brescia.

This exciting new initiative allows us to show our love for Brescia while allowing the world to see what the people of Brescia are all about.

We are proud to promote our “Made in Italy” and bring the cultural and artistic heritage of Brescia to the knowledge of countless people across five continents. These works of art represent collective assets of immeasurable value and it is the duty of all to preserve them and allow future generations the chance to appreciate them.We are also proud of our own company history as described on our website. It is the story of our family.  As it often happens in Brescia, there’s not a clear distinction between company and family because time devoted to one is at the same time dedicated to the future of the second and the time devoted to the family is also used for company development. It may be for this reason that the youngest generation of the Bonomi family, work and spend its holidays abroad in full harmony with the international vocation of RuB whose products are exported at a rate above 99%.

RuB cooperates in the promotion of Brescia’s culture and art by adopting “The Palazzo Broletto”, one of the finest town halls in Lombardy, home of the medieval lords ruling over the city and that now is the seat of the Provincial Administration, located between Via Mazzini and Piazza Paolo VI. The Broletto is an architectural gem that although modified and restored, largely retains its original appearance.

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