Why Rub Inc

Enhance your production efficiency with valves that help you maximize your resources, minimize downtime, and waste, and increase business performance. We are highly specialized and in that, we can provide you with an application-specific solution ideal for you, customized when needed, and backed by all the most important certifications worldwide.
Our customers testimonies validate our promise to exceed expectations in helping manufacturers with original solutions to address their most complex challenges and in providing reliable top-notch products to distributors with an ideal balance between quality, price, and lead times.

Top safety and lifetime warranty

Our exclusive 24-72-hour double leak test, performed on 100% of our brass ball valves, ensures outstanding performance under all circumstances. We use the word “quality” with purpose. We're so confident in what we build that we offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Investing in your success,
year after year

Our investments in automation, modern technologies and materials allow us to establish win-win and long-lasting partnerships with customers, suppliers, and research centers of excellence. We are leading our industry with constant improvements in processes, technologies, and redefining the meaning of “quality”.

One step ahead

For 70 years, we have been investing on training for our 150+ People. This has become the cornerstone of our competitiveness and ability to propose original solutions. We have become a point of reference in the industry for our product range due to our expertise in new regulations, certifications, laws and compliances for the markets and applications we serve.

We are internationally certified

We have invested in product quality, people safety and planet protection and achieved certification from ISO9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System). You get a manufacturing partner that solves your problems, while being ethically responsible towards People and the Planet.

We understand and respect your priorities and your time

We build relationships based on integrity, reliability, and respect. With transparency, we have planned schedules and kept our promises for 70 years. Delivering 97.5% of orders on-time means investing in automation year after year: we are not perfect yet, but we work every day to get there. An infinitesimal percentage of product returns means we save you time and money.

We are your single, expert point of contact

Creating significant productivity gains for your business requires a partner that has “been there, done that.” We manage all the supply chain from understanding your needs, to designing a customized and original solution when needed, to materials selection and sourcing, to quality compliances, to machining, assembling, packaging and delivery.

Achieve excellent performance 
with top-notch products 

Choose reliable and flawless fluid control solutions.
Choose to safeguard People and the Planet.
Choose RuB Inc.