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Companies and manufacturers working with fluids such as gas, oils, high pressure air and water need zero leaks and control in any situation. We built actuators that enable you to take control of your plant fluids with reliability and safety. Anytime, anywhere.

We are laser-focused on producing high-performance actuators, built with the technology for your needs in the industrial, commercial and residential applications. We offer actuators, actuated valves, and complete assembled kits to help you waste no more resources.


  • Offer safety rather than a a product: our brass ball valves are guaranteed for life
  • Products built to last for 100,000+ cycles open-and-close above any market standard
  • Gain access to more customers
    • Super wide torque range
    • Access corrosive applications with stainless steel valves
    • ISO5211 actuator connection for worldwide applications
  • Readily available in our multiple locations
  • Receive the actuators, actuated valves, or the mounted kits

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