Action plan for sustainability

Scraps and waste material reuse and recycling

Manufacturing brass generates scraps and waster material, but we don’t settle with the norm. We reduce waste and scraps and reuse them as well. Our last resort is recycling it.

Search for innovative materials

While we already reduce, recycle and reuse scrap and waste, we invest in R&D to find and create materials that minimise our impact on the Planet.

Energy consumption

Companies are finally waking up to producing their own electricity. Aside from covering our production facility with solar panels, we constantly reduce energy consumption by investing in smart technology and minimising heavy material handling.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Valves that close to waste and open to the future

Everyday we do what we do, to safeguard People and the Planet.
We respect the strictest environmental and safety regulations, and we don’t stop there. We strive to serve as the benchmark for all other valve and actuators manufacturers all over the world in terms of sustainability. Every year we spend millions of euros in continuous technological renewal of production processes, machinery and energy sources.

How we
walk the talk.


of our brass ball valves prevent unnecessary waste – lifetime guaranteed


of brass ball valves are silicon-free for highest recyclability


manufacturing scrap is reused


of energy comes from our own renewable sources


cooling waters are recovered and reused

Achieve excellent performance 
with top-notch products

Choose reliable and flawless fluid control solutions.
Choose to safeguard People and the Planet.
Choose RuB Inc.