Our latest innovative product Activalve®, a must-have for home protection, is engineered in a very user-friendly design that makes its functioning clear at a glance.

To give the product even more visibility in your store, a wide variety of promotional packages  are available that may be included with certain qualifying purchases or purchased separately.

Product Display allows you to show one Activalve® on your counter with a convenient literature pocket that can hold up to 15 quad fold brochures.

Counter Display allows you to easily display on your counter with space to hold up to 6 Activalve® and a standup graphic attached to explain benefits and highlights of the product.

Combination Display: You can also choose to combine the Counter Display and Product Display as shown below which allows you to display the Activalve and also hold 6 products.

Or you might prefer the option with an eye catching 7” LCD Video display, where your customers can see Activalve® application and installation videos.  This is sure to boost interest and awareness of your customers.

And finally, the Floor Display is available to support your increased sales requirements in the store.

Ask your  BONOMI INDUSTRIES  sales person for details on how to purchase the Activalve® promotional display materials.

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