Creating products with a lifetime warranty which, once installed, you forget you have: with this clear objective,
RuB Inc aims for top quality. In fact, each and every one of our items is created with the utmost care.

We start by closely selecting the raw materials, then move on to the production processes, carried out with advanced precision technologies and expert know-how, to ensure a supply that meets all requirements and exceeds customers expectations. "We aim for complete customer satisfaction," explains Sandro Bonomi, CEO and president of our company. "It is a goal that we succeed in achieving year after year, as confirmed by the results of our surveys which show that our customers consider RuB Inc to be truly reliable."

A remarkable result. "Yes, and the satisfaction is mutual," Sandro Bonomi continues. "Because we build a special, personal relationship with our customers. We try to be transparent, to always keep our word. And the feedback we receive is always gratifying."

One of the keys to success is the ability to provide customised solutions. "It often happens that a potential customer comes to us without knowing exactly what kind of product he needs. So we examine and offer a tailor-made solution. Then we produce safe, durable, and reliable products that exceed the expectations. Our company believes in the value of every component of the supply chain, upstream and downstream. We support the culture of doing, of working with dedication. The involvement of everyone in our company is crucial to the success of a project. We focus on the customer to create a partnership based on trust", says Luciano Bonomi, CEO of RuB Inc.

Of course, more can still be done. "I like to look at things as they are, without hiding anything," our president concludes. "There is always room for improvement, and we aim high. Our investment in people, processes and new technologies is constant because we always want to achieve the best results and make sure our customers are happy with our work."

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