You still don't know our ball valves and wonder why you should choose them?
Or have you already tested the reliability of our products and liked them, but are still not completely sure that they are high quality?
Well, read on because we will give you not one, but 12 reasons to choose RuB.

  1. All sizes of our ball valves have a blowout-proof stem for safer installation;
  2. The inside of the handle is made of steel with a Geomet® finish, a high-performance corrosion protection system that is three times more corrosion-resistant than galvanising;
  3. The handle can be removed while the ball valve is under pressure, for added safety and ease of use;
  4. Our ball valves have laser marking on the handle, which is therefore indelible;
  5. The handle is longer and has a thicker PVC coating for greater user comfort;
  6. There is at least 10 degrees of contact between the ball and its seat, to ensure a perfect seal even at low pressure;
  7. Our ball valves are guaranteed for life;
  8. The ball seat is made of pure PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, a material that is not regenerated and ensures consistent performance over time. It is also self-lubricating and has a flexible profile;
  9. Our products have a double sealing system: the valve can operate in both directions, making it easier to install;
  10. Our valves offer full port for optimal performance;
  11. The patented metal-to-metal sealing at the body/end cap joint in addition to sealant for an improved mechanical resistance and tightness;
  12. Our products are silicone free.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our Sales Team will be happy to satisfy your requirements. 

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