Vital components for business mechanisation, electric actuators allow automation of valve opening and closing. As a result, managing fluids such as gas, water, compressed air and oils becomes much more straightforward, especially where particularly critical situations arise.

For example, when there is a need to ensure a high cycle frequency or the safety of applications, or to deliver high productivity or accuracy and automation in the process, as well as for activating valves located in remote or hard to access locations, electric actuators are essential.

This is why a growing number of companies choose to include them in their systems. Indeed, electric actuators can improve productivity in a wide range of sectors, as well as delivering residential and smart home automation.

They have proven useful in the automotive sector and many other industries.

We have been producing high performance actuators for around a decade. We design, develop and manufacture the CP (Compact Power) actuators internally. These devices can achieve up to 100,000 opening and closing cycles at an ambient temperature of up to 80°C. They are available with motors ranging from 12 to 230 V AC and from 12 to 24 V DC, with 2P or 3P control.

Using this type of actuator offers a number of advantages:

  • small and lightweight
  • clever shape, allowing multiple actuators to be installed in series on different lines, even with restricted space
  • mounted directly on the valve
  • simple to install by pushing with just one finger, no screws required
  • IP65 casing (NEMA 4x)
  • visual position indicator and position feedback signal

The actuators can also be combined with RuB ball valves, designed to provide low operating torque. These devices can also achieve up to 100,000 cycles without requiring maintenance and with no risk of breaking or failing.

In detail, we can supply:

  • S.31: mini, 2 way, direct CP mounting, up to ¾”   
  • S.64: full port, 2 way, interface with ISO 5211 valve, up to 4” and international certifications for gas or drinking water
  • S.73 and S.76: 3 way with T- or L-port up to 2”

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