A 70-year-long story built on trust, commitment, future vision, and quality. This year, our Italian Headquarters celebrates two truly important birthdays with all its employees: seven decades since the company's foundation and thirty years since the creation of RuB Inc.

Since that distant year of 1954, the foundation year, many things have changed! Certainly, the context in which they used to operate, which is much more complex and fast-paced today, has sped up all the processes, both in mechanical manufacturing and in managing quotation requests. What has remained unchanged, however, is the commitment to ensuring the market and the customers to receive the highest quality products.

Looking back, a turning point in the company occurred when the production of the first ball valves started. Access to international markets with significant volumes enabled to focus on production automation, which in turn led them to standardize the production process, improving quality through repeatability.
To celebrate this important anniversary, they have decided to invite all employees, also from USA, and their families to our Italian headquarters on May 25 for an open day.

A celebration cannot be called such unless it is shared with all those who have made it possible to achieve this important milestone through their daily commitment to maintaining excellent service and punctuality, making us market leaders.

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