Contrary to what you might think, ball valves are not all the same, and having a high quality valve can ensure system safety and prevent waste.

The performance of RuB valves is guaranteed by the choice of certified raw materials, strict processing tolerances and continuous testing to confirm product reliability.

But how can you recognize a RuB ball valve visually?
Here are some features that make RuB valves stand out from the rest:

1.    The two triangles, registered trademarks, stamped on the valve body
2.    The date code indicating the production year and week for batch traceability 
3.    The special lever shape that prevents the PVC coating from slipping off the steel insert, and its strength, which allows better grip 
4.    The RuB registered trademark laser marked on the handle 
5.    The words “Made in Italy” stamped on the valve body to proudly underline its origins
In short, our valves have a real identity card, allowing users to easily verify that they are handling an original RuB valve. 

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