Meeting the demands of an increasingly demanding market: innovation at our production site

Being prepared to respond with quality and precision to the requests of an increasingly demanding market. This is the challenge that we strive to tackle every day.

The investments made in recent years have been aimed in this direction, with a view to continuing to guarantee the best for our customers in terms of product quality, shorter delivery times and customised services. Innovation, from this point of view, has played a fundamental role: it has allowed us to increase production capacityimprove internal organisation and strengthen our role as a reliable partner for buyers.

The development of our production site in Italy in recent years has been one of the key points of this strategy. The result of a multi-year project, in 2020 the Brescia headquarters experienced its fifth expansion phase, covering a total surface area of 20 thousand square metresSeven thousand of these were developed in a 12-month period, including new spaces and a series of installations that allowed us to strengthen our production capacity in all sectors: machining, assembly and testing, marking and packaging.

We improved our quality by adding new machining and assembly machinesautomating our handling processes with robotic islands, and focusing on logistics automation with a shuttle line and an automated warehouse. We therefore eliminated the traditional picking trolleys, reducing risks and disruptions, and redesigned our stations to favour a continuous linear logistics flow.

The automated warehouse is in effect a logistics hub that sorts and prepares material according to specially developed algorithms. It uses stacker cranes, articulated robots for palletisation and a squadron of automatic shuttles that transfers the pallets onto a circular route for the customisation, control, and filming operations, so that deliveries are always verified, punctual and safe in terms of size and weight. The new machines are all Generation 4.0 and therefore ensure real-time control, traceability, and remote assistance.

“Among other things, the new production area, built exclusively for us, reduces the transit time of standard products from a few weeks to a few minutes: a remarkable revolution in the business process”, explain CEOs Sandro and Luciano Bonomi.

But the growth of the production site does not stop here: a second phase is scheduled to start in 2023, which will add another 4,000 square metres of production and office space. The aim is to quickly supply our customers with valves, actuators and increasingly customised solutions, while maintaining the high level of quality for which we are known.

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