A new logistics centre: our italian headquarters is in the process of completing an automatic packaging and product handling system.

This cutting-edge hub completes the first phase of our expansion plan, which began some time ago. In recent years, in fact, we have built an additional 7,000 square metres at the Mazzano (BS) site, bringing the built area to over 20,000 square metres in total. And that is not all, because we also installed new machinery and a modern automated warehouse during 2021 and 2022: this has allowed us to expand our production capacity and plan new investments for 2023 and the coming years.

An integral part of the new logistics centre project is the new packaging design, with the aim of creating stronger inner boxes that are ideal for shipping and suited to the size of “Euro-pallets”. 

In detail, the new packaging:
•    No longer has adhesive tape, but is closed with hot-melt glue. This choice was made in line with our sustainability project.
•    The box has “tear tape” to make it easier to open.
•    The bottom and top of the box are flat to make automatic transfer and stacking easier.
•    Assembly and labelling are automated.
•    The inner boxes are 200% stronger and the master cartons are at least 150% stronger!

We are using greener packaging. A new step that, together with the new logistics centre, day after day implements our commitment to making work and the planet more sustainable.

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