Worldwide health regulations are becoming more and more stringent regarding the presence of nickel in products in contact with drinking water. 

RuB has been responsive to these regulations and offers the following solutions to meet this growing need:

– Nickel plating is applied only on the outside of the valve so that it does not come in contact with water running    through the valve; yet is offers a nice metallic surface outlook.

– Nickel will be completely removed from ball plating in the dedicated “Potable Water” valve line, thanks to the new patented COPPER PLATING PROCESS that will also feature the advantages of the anti-bacterial properties of copper.

– Valve balls are featured with a rinse hole that prevents stagnation of water and helps preventing Legionella.

Scientific studies suggest that the use of copper in water installations is the most effective method for preventing Legionella bacteria and results in greater protection than installations made with steel or PEX materials.


This is another example of RuB promptly responding to the market needs!  Please ask your RuB sales person for further details.

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