Many customers rely on RuB Inc to find solutions that perfectly fit their needs. 

We invest heavily in OEM customisation, with special machinery, to create unique and complex products. 'My father Silvio sold standard products in the 1970s”, says Sandro Bonomi, CEO of our company. "Then, when he started to take his first steps outside Italy, he found a fertile environment for new developments in Germany, because there he encountered the need to find solutions that were different from the standard. So he enhanced his ability to design and create customised products for his customers”. 

Today, large manufacturers of boilers, tanks, LPG gas, irrigation, firefighting, refrigeration, and HVAC systems, compressors, machine tools, filters, and even chemical, food and pharmaceutical companies rely on us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions. They can count on our OEM systems to save money and be more efficient thanks to our experience and engineering know-how, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges.

OEM customisations can extend the life of equipment and reduce costs because they are created with the best components and are tailored to specific needs. Basically, we have chosen to assign more value to our customers' products, starting from scratch and delivering products tailored to their needs, within certain timeframes. Thirty years ago, we were already customising products at the assembly stage. And today, we also customise the packaging, combining technological and ecological requirements, and avoiding the use of plastic wherever possible.

OEM solutions require, first and foremost, the ability to fully understand customer needs. The watchword for RuB Inc is understanding. Our salespeople listen carefully to customers, take note of all their needs, and then pass them on to the company, and those who are then tasked with transforming those needs into concrete tools.  An impressive team effort.

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