Environment, protection of employees and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. These are the four areas in which our Italian headquarters, has obtained the EcoVadis bronze medal, an award which recognises the company's achievements in terms of sustainability.

EcoVadis' methodical approach assesses the company’s policies and actions, together with reports published. A team of international sustainability experts analyses and compares companies' data, taking into consideration supporting documents and 360° monitoring, with the aim of providing reliable evaluations that take account of the sector, scale and geographical location.

The EcoVadis assessment also focuses on a number of sustainability-related aspects. Various factors are examined such as energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, water, biodiversity, the materials used and the waste generated. With regards to human resources, behaviours are rewarded which prioritise employee health and safety, working conditions, career management, and training. The EcoVadis award also assesses the focus placed on human rights, equality, and inclusion.

In summary, EcoVadis considers the sustainability and commitment of companies to act in a responsible manner, incorporating social and environmental aspects into their working practices. For this work, the assessment does not just focus on regulatory compliance, it also looks at the way in which the economic, social, and environmental impacts are managed, as well as relationships with stakeholders.

In this analysis, our sustainability performance achieved a positive overall score: we sit in the top 23% of the leading companies scored by EcoVadis in the Manufacture of general usage machinery sector. In the comparison with other companies, we achieved good results in terms of the environment, sustainable purchasing, and ethics.

The study conducted by EcoVadis is without doubt very pleasing for us. It is a very important step, one which rewards the actions we take every day. However, it is only a first step, which should spur us on to continue on this journey. The road ahead is still long but it does not frighten us, it excites us. Boosted by the recognition we have received, we are ready to further our commitment to improve and achieve our goals. For a sustainable environment and planet, where we can all live together in harmony.

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