Together with over 270 other companies, our Italian headquarters is among the signers of the Brescia 2050 Sustainability Pact, which aims at developing sustainable models within local companies by moving from “doing things well” to “doing the right things well”.

Four main points are ratified in the Pact:
1.    Quantify their greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions.
2.    Define appropriate long-term actions and strategies for decarbonization and for zeroing emissions, reduce waste and natural resources consumption.
3.    Implement actions and measures to bring tangible changes and innovations to business activities, such as efficiency improvements, adoption of renewable energy sources, sustainable logistics and mobility, reduction of rejections, waste and resource consumption, and any action that can help eliminate CO2 and pollutant emissions.
4.    Neutralize any remaining emissions by 2050 through additional, quantifiable, credible, permanent and socially responsible compensations.

For years, we have taken action to reduce environmental impact, improve working conditions of its employees and maintain sustainable growth; now it is time to restructure its organizational culture in order to achieve specific and measurable ESG goals.

Among new actions we are taking, is our participation in Futura Expo – Economy for the Environment, the largest Italian Expo on sustainability, which is totally carbon neutral and will take place from 8 to 10 October 2023 at the Brixia Forum in Brescia. We will be there in Hall Manufuture - Stand no. B23.

For the full program and news about the event click here:

Futura Expo 2023



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