Words are important, but  we prefer to turn them into concrete actions, for the benefit of all stakeholders.
That is why, driven by a period of great evolution and change in terms of both economic and organisational investment, the company has decided to make a real commitment by putting its corporate vision, mission, and values in writing, to provide a guiding star and motivate the work of all its employees.  

Behaviours, best practices, and guidelines to consult, to be inspired by and to reflect on, to make the company an increasingly reliable partner and an increasingly welcoming place to work. All this without ever forgetting the Planet, with a view to limiting the waste of natural and energy resources. 

With pleasure, we present our mission, our vision and our values. 

Here they are below:

Our Vision
We innovate Fluid Control to safeguard People and the Planet.
Anytime, anywhere.
Our Mission
We are a Family Company innovating the Fluid Control
market with products that guarantee you peace of mind for life.

Our Core Values

Focus on the Future
We solve today's challenges and innovate for tomorrow's needs.
We plan for a sustainable existence for People and the Planet.

We are a team.
We create solutions with the passion and participation of every person in the Group.

Customer Orientation
We win when our customers win.
We bring value through tailored solutions and services.
We build long-term relationships based on trust and personal relationship with all stakeholders in the supply chain.

We have a strong and deep-rooted culture of “hands-on doing”.
We take the initiative to make improvements and create innovation.

Respect and Responsibility
We uphold total and unconditional respect for dignity, safety and human rights wherever our Group operates.
We strengthen the bond to our local communities and territories by contributing to their development and upkeep.
We take responsibility for our actions.

In short: this is why we do what we do and where we are headed. Do you want to be one of us?

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