One of RuB Inc.’s strengths is its ability to solve technical and operational challenges for numerous manufacturers and distributors worldwide, across various sectors from power generation and industrial machinery to the HVAC-R industry, who come to us seeking customized OEM solutions.

An example of this successful aspect of RuB Inc. can be seen in the By-Pass valve, created to meet the needs of a customer tasked with developing a new control unit for a heating system, which required a valve designed specifically for this purpose. As a first step, one of our salespersons gathered all the necessary information regarding the desired product's characteristics and conveyed it comprehensively to the Engineering Center. This allowed them to evaluate the client's request and the feasibility of its realization, including a cost estimate. Our engineers then started with a preliminary drawing provided by the customer and developed their own customized project: a 3D model of the valve that could simulate all required functionalities in terms of actions, space, and dimensions.

Focusing more on its technical characteristics, the valve created by RuB Inc., later named "By-Pass" for its specific features, was designed with multiple functions to regulate the system's working pressure. The application areas for this type of valve are those where systems involve frequent opening and closing of the supply with long periods in by-pass mode. When the supply is closed, water is diverted to the by-pass, and the pump operates at low pressure. The by-pass system also allows for flow diversion from a section of pipe undergoing re-pair or failure. This temporary diversion enables the flow to continue when the primary line is blocked due to issues.

For this specific case, at the customer's explicit request, a sample was also produced so that they could physically have the desired valve in hand to test it in the system, evaluate it, and potentially validate it. Thus, the valve, later named By-Pass, was born, which, thanks to its applications and capabilities, left our client fully satisfied with the customized solution created for their needs.

Our OEM solutions demonstrate our ability to design a product that not only meets all the technical specifications explicitly requested by the client but also offers something more than what is already available in the market.

If you want to discover the advantages of relying on RuB Inc. for your OEM solutions, visit our website and contact us.

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