Flawless valves, guaranteed by strict quality control procedures. The RuB ball valves are manufactured exclusively with excellent raw materials. This is made possible by the many checks carried out step after step. Quality control of RuB valves starts with a strict selection of raw material suppliers and incoming goods checks.

During processing, machine operators perform visual inspections and attribute testing with instruments every 15 minutes. Moreover, the quality team performs an additional check on samples every 2 hours.

Leak tests are performed during the assembly and testing process. Certified equipment is used to perform 100% testing on automatic filling lines and residual pressure measurements are made with compressed air at 2 bar and then at 5.5 bar. A 24h leak test is also performed to ensure that the valves are flawless. In this test, the valves are filled with test fluid and then stored for at least 24 hours so that a further leak check can be performed during the lever assembly process. Operators also perform precise visual inspections and operating torque checks during the testing steps.

Overall quality control of the valves ends with the final conformity procedure, in which our headquarters Quality Team attentively verifies a sample of the products prior to shipment.

All this serves to ensure that our customers have reliable and safe valves that will last a lifetime.

Watch the video to learn about the quality control of our valves.

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