60 years old…60 years strong!

In June of 2014 RuB proudly celebrated 60 years of business. The roots of the business actually date back seven Bonomi generations to the 19th century, while the creation of the current business entity “Rubinetterie utensilerie Bonomi” occurred in 1954 when Mr. Silvio Bonomi and Mr. Oreste Bonomi started their own company. At that time they already knew how to produce quality parts as they began their careers at the young ages of 13 and 12, due to the untimely death of their father in 1946, just after World War II.

Later Silvio was joined by his two sons Luciano and Sandro in the family business. Together they have achieved many milestones including the development of subsidiaries RuB Inc. in the United States and RuB KK in Japan. These two entities assist in the distribution of RuB’s quality, 100% Italian made, brass ball valves and OEM products.

Nowadays RuB is working each day to meet new and ever changing market requirements, to exceed customer expectations, and to develop safer and smarter solutions for customer needs. Our heartfelt thanks during this time of celebration are addressed to our valued customers for their loyalty, to our suppliers for their continued cooperation to our subsidiaries for their strong partnership, and to all our passionate employees who strive for excellence on a daily basis.

The work we do today will lays the foundation for our next 60 years… Thank you Silvio for being our cornerstone and thank you to all contributors for your role in our past and future history!


To ‘Rubinetterie utensilerie Bonomi’ for their ethic and successful presence in Mazzano

supporting local employment and social activities.

With sincere gratitude,

The municipality Administration

(signed by Mayor Mr. Maurizio Franzoni)

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