We did it... 30! This April, at RuB Inc., we celebrated our first 30 years. Our American headquarters was founded in 1994, when our Italian parent company had already been exporting to the United States for over 10 years and had the opportunity to explore the potential of the American market.

The beginning of our activity in the USA, as our CEOs, Sandro and Luciano Bonomi, recall, "was quite adventurous, but it was quite easy to understand the opportunity offered by our forged brass ball valves compared to those in cast bronze, which were dominating the market at the time."

Since then, the company has grown gradually in terms of revenue, commitment, and number of employees, finding a balance between resources deployed and results achieved. After the foundation, the first significant step occurred in 2006, relocating the warehouse from Massachusetts to Minnesota and integrating it with the office. In 2014, we acquired the land where, since 2015, the current 5000 sqm headquarters stands: from here, we ship our RuB valves and actuators throughout the United State and Canada.

Today, we are a well-established structure: RuB Inc., which focuses its efforts mainly in the industrial sector and gas distribution applications, is led by two Vice Presidents, one of whom handles marketing and sales of RuB standard material, while the other is dedicated to managing technical aspects and sales of OEM. There is also an Operations Director who coordinates all activities of our efficient offices and warehouse and interfaces with the parent company, from which the majority of materials are sourced. Sales are entrusted to professionals scattered across the American territory, who in turn coordinate independent representatives.

One of our flagship achievements is workplace safety; therefore, we are pleased to announce that, after a two-year journey, we have received the MN Star OSHA certification, which recognizes commitment at every level to improving work, preventing accidents, and safeguarding the health of employees.
Now, all that remains is to continue full steam ahead in this direction, working together to further develop sales and investing in the company to maintain its position as a reference in the ball valves and actuators market.

With the same quality as always and renewed enthusiasm. Full speed ahead!

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