RuB continues to strengthen its team with key hires for its managerial organization.

The summer of 2017 has been another important and exciting time for RuB team growth.

We are happy to announce the addition of another key member to the RuB managerial organization in the position of Sales Director with demonstrated experience to support strategic roles within our company that will complement the other recent key hires.

Stefano Volpe has joined RuB as Sales Director bringing his background in mechanical engineering studies and career in the automotive world. He spent most of his career in technical sales and business development ranging from industrial, water treatment to automotive sectors. 

Stefano will strengthen our existing sales network by increasing sales and expanding it with renewed global focus and attention to new applications and geographical areas. He also collaborates with other key managers such as the Plant Director, Technical Director and Supply Chain Manager.

Plant Director, Ludovico Beccaria joined RuB in summer 2016 coming from an automotive background with mechanical engineering studies. 

He has vast experience in production organization and lean manufacturing projects. He is going to re-energize industrialization improvements through automation, focus on lean production principles to improve quality and lead time. He believes customer satisfaction is the heart of all decisions.

Technical Director, Ivan Falardi comes from mechanical engineering studies and has experience in industrial engineering for high-quality design products. His joining RuB represents an opportunity to lead our talented Engineering Centre in the pursuit of higher standards, exploring new product applications and features to exceed customer’s expectations.

Supply Chain Manager, Paolo Nicolini brings ten-year experience in a multinational corporation for production and distribution of components for hydrothermal systems. He reorganized and managed logistical flows in different areas of the company. 

In his new SCM position, he is improving logistical flow efficiencies and manufacturing planning using Lean Production principles.

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