Many factories are able to make many different products but not every manufacturer can make YOUR product!

With over 60 years history of distribution of its products to key users and major OEMs, with an export ratio into industrialized countries around 99% year over year, the RuB engineering and R&D teams have developed skills and know-how about products, applications, materials, and performances that translate into custom solutions. Our Engineering department is fully qualified to work closely with customers at every stage of product development, from design and prototype to industrialization and production.

We strive to  offer our customers long lasting solutions. This mindset is what we believe makes the difference and provides our customers with complete satisfaction.

Examples of the broad range of applications served by RuB valves include inverse osmosis systems, boilers, compressors, pumps, floor heating, heavy duty engines, yachting, gas meters and airplane manufacturing and maintenance equipment.

When it comes to performance, you can be confident in RuB:

–  Design, machining, assembly, testing and most of our manufacturing tools are all made in-house, which significantly improves control and management.

–  RuB manufactures, assembles, and tests over 60 million parts per year. Assuring product quality involves about 400,000 tests and measurements every day. Product designs are qualified with cycle life testing, burst tests, bending and torque tests and more if required by customer.

– Flexibility and control are continuous throughout our manufacturing process, right through product packaging and shipping. These key factors make RuB a highly reputable supplier, capable of fulfilling the most unique customer requirements.

Let us understand your problem and we’ll work with you to find the best solution!

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