Human resources play a vital role in the growth and continuous improvement at RuB. Our employees feel more appreciated and become important contributors to the evolution of RuB working with greater dedication and motivation.

RuB Lean Philosophy is focused on involving all employees in several educational training paths which increase their focus on the spot, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

RuB Lean Team #1 is developing an educational path for both individual and group training based on the concept that working in an efficient and cohesive way is necessary to reach common goals and makes each individual feel part of a bigger plan.

Group training courses highlight the values of each department with emphasis on ability to establish improved relationships and collaboration with colleagues and supervisors as a result of positive and efficient behavior.  Individual training is customized to reflect typical aspects of the relevant job. Both group and individual training apply to existing and new employees.

Lean training activities have resulted in increased creativity and enterprising spirit to find improved cooperative solutions which give employees a greater awareness about their role in the company.

In a world that is increasingly more competitive, it is the “excellence of people” that makes the difference.

RuB People Think LEAN

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