The s.73 is a 3-way full-port ball valve with a T-shaped recess in the ball and 4 seals on each port. It can direct the flow from one port to another or mix the fluids from two inlet ports and direct them to a third outlet port. It cannot however completely shut off all three flow paths.

Three-way valves such as the RuB s.73 can reduce the number of valves needed in plumbing systems and can significantly decrease overall costs by replacing two or three conventional 2-way valves, thereby eliminating excess fittings, saving space, reducing the number of possible leak points and simplifying installation and maintenance.

The s.73 series can be supplied with NPT threads or  FF EN 10226-1/ ISO 228 and can be used in automation with the RuB range of electric and pneumatic actuators, or they can be operated manually with the dedicated lever.

Like other RuB valves, s.73 valves undergo strict quality control, including a leak test of at least 24 hours, to ensure the highest system reliability and performance.

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