Utilities have long sought a method to service gas meters without disrupting the gas supply, and this aspiration has materialized with the innovative design of the RuB s.80 Surepass bypass gas meter ball valve.

Homeowners utilize gas appliances at various times, necessitating uninterrupted gas service. Halting gas flow for meter servicing can lead to dissatisfied customers and potential safety concerns, such as extinguishing pilot lights.
Addressing these challenges, the RuB s.80 Surepass bypass gas meter ball valve is specifically crafted for the USA and Canada markets. This valve empowers service crews to perform meter maintenance without interrupting gas flow, ensuring safety, continuous service, and customer satisfaction. Notably, it streamlines the service process, eliminating the need for service crews to coordinate appointments with homeowners.

Originating from Italy, the RuB s.80 Surepass bypass gas meter ball valve simplifies the transition from regular meter flow to bypass flow mode with a straightforward handle-turning process. Maintenance-free and without the use of lubrication, it holds CSA certification, attesting to its compliance with safety and performance standards. Noteworthy features include a "tamper-proof" anti-tampering seal (red) and a bypass lock system, fortifying security against theft attempts. Moreover, it is designed to prevent galvanic corrosion, a common occurrence when different materials, such as steel and brass, interact.

Technical Features:
The RuB s.80 NPT Surepass valve is available in ¾” and 1” sizes. Constructed scratch-resistant forged brass for the body and locking nut, brass ball, and brass stem, it has NPT ANSI B1.20.1 tapered threads with dielectric female sockets. Operating at pressures up to 175 PSI, it adheres to the full port specifications outlined in DIN 3357, ensuring maximum flow efficiency.

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