The summer of 2016 has been a very important and exciting time for RuB team growth!  During this time we have seen the hiring of three key individuals with demonstrated experience to support strategic roles within our company.  

In May, Paolo Nicolini joined the RuB team and will assume the newly established position of Supply Chain Manager.  Paolo received a degree in Industrial Engineering and completed postgraduate work in the Supply Chain area and has 10 yrs experience in a multinational corporation for production and components’ distribution for hydrothermal systems.  In his previous position, he developed and managed the reorganization plans of logistical flows in different areas of the company.  In his new SCM position, he will maximize efficiencies of logistical internal and external flows and in production planning according to Lean Production principles. 

In June, Ludovico Beccaria joined the RuB team as Plant Manager. Ludovico received a degree in Automotive Engineering with a Master’s in Lean Production.  Ludovico has many years of experience in branch Operations within the automotive sector with international focus.

Ludovico’s experience and organizational abilities will be the perfect fit to help drive new product implementation and productivity through collaborative resources and the reorganization of production.  Ludovico will manage the purchase of new state of the art machines and equipment that will help RuB achieve lean targets and better serve our customer’s needs. 

And in July, Ivan Falardi joined the team in the newly created position of Technical Director.  Ivan is an Engineer with significant experience starting with a company that performed installations for industrial automation and then with a global leader in illumination engineering where he managed the process of planning and product industrialization. Ivan’s role will be critical for the planning process reorganization utilizing his Project Management skills.   

Paolo, Ludovico and Ivan represent an important step forward for RuB, where experience and tradition combined with strategic direction can forge new organizational models of managerial style.

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