Air trapped in a pipeline can seriously affect system operation and efficiency; when air pockets sit in the pipes, a restriction of the flow occurs.  Movement of these air pockets can cause sudden changes in flow speed and when passing through a restriction in the pipeline, such as a control valve, usually result in surges or water hammer.  Exposure to air also accelerates the corrosion of the pipe material.  All these conditions can result in prematurefailure of the installation.

The s150 air vent valve is the perfect solution when air exhaust is required. With 10 bar pressure, +110°C working temperature, the s150 effectively removes air from pipelines and can be used in waterlines, water transport lines, water storage tanks, air conditioning systems, etc..

s150 key features:

– Sand blasted nickel plated brass body

– Float in polyethylene resin

– NBR O-ring

– ISO228 threads 3/8″-1″

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