The newest product in RuB family is Activalve ®, which we started promoting recently and can be seen on the RuB website 

Activalve ® has several unique features including the s.468 ball valve that is supplied as part of Activalve ® package.  

1- Low lead content: the brass alloy used to manufacture s.468 ball valves meets the lead free content requirements of USA regulations (Safe Drinking Water Act) in drinking water.

2- DZR: DeZincification-Resistant properties are enhanced by the combination with Low Lead and use components accepted in all EU countries where HCACL – UBA list – is in place.

3- Antifreezing: s.468 valve is specially engineered to protect against freezing fluid inside the valve and is perfectly suited for the Activalve ® application.

4- Ease of installation: the valve features compression ends, in compliance with EN 1254-2, for quick and easy installation.

All details from material to configuration are carefully designed and engineered to provide you with the highest level of performance!

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