Three days of dialogue, training and useful discussion and exchange between colleagues. Because, when you have common plans and intentions, it is essential to meet in person. 
At the end of October, RuB,Inc. employees, and a colleague from Japanese branch, RuBKK, went to visit the Italian Headquarters: not only to observe all the production stages and the countless investments in person, but also to forge those relationships between colleagues that, after all, have a positive impact on the business.
And with tours in our production plant, work experiences in the field, presentation of new projects, visits to our suppliers and useful moments to compare ideas about the new products to be launched, it was a true full immersion in the Italian context for everyone. Between discussions and work, there was also room to enjoy the pleasure of being together, spending time outside working hours.

As Michael Hoard, RuB,Inc. Southeast Regional Sales Manager, for less than two years, explained, "Visiting Italy and seeing the plant for the first time was very illuminating. They have a world-class production plant, and attention to manufacturing high-quality products is evident at every stage of the process." Moreover, for Michael, “it was a great pleasure to meet our European counterparts and understand the value they bring to their customers.” 

Mark Mustradi Jr, Mid-North Regional Sales Manager, had been to the plant before, but went back to visit: “It’s been years since I last visited our headquarters,” he explained. “It was nice to be able to see the machines in person when I could only observe them virtually before.” For Ben Walker, North-East and Canada Regional Sales Manager, “it was interesting to see how the company has expanded and all the new automation added to our production capacity. And it was important for us to see for ourselves how this company works every day in a forward-looking and future-oriented way. We would like to convey this concept to our current and potential customers as well."

Choi Jaeho, RuBKK Sales Manager, also agreed about the importance of visiting the production plant: “I would also like our existing and potential customers to visit the production plant, to understand how the very high-quality products we sell are made.” For him, another point of pride was being able to see “all the services designed for our various colleagues” in person.

The post-visit conclusion? A good awareness, that "our capabilities are incredible". Andres Rodriguez, Vice President Sales & Marketing shares the enthusiasm of his colleagues: “I was impressed by the level of automation and robotics throughout our new expansion plant. It is second to none!" 

Once back in our own offices, we have taken with us the memory of many important experiences together and of being part of the same excellent team.

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