Sustainability is a key topic for us, and it is a value that guides us in our everyday activities. Not only do the valves and actuators we produce eliminate waste and aim to be an example of a greener approach for the entire sector, but we have also been working on several fronts for some time: from continual technological renewal of production processes and machinery to the use of “green” energy sources, our main goal is to respect the planet and minimise our environmental impact. 

We have put so many strategies in place: for example, we reduce, reuse and recycle processing waste, while simultaneously investing in R&D to find materials that are both high performance and sustainable. The air is purified and expelled into the atmosphere, the water is filtered, and we often use environmentally friendly packaging for all our products. Another important chapter is energy consumption, which we reduce significantly by exploiting new technologies. 

This includes our photovoltaic system, which was installed on the new roof of our headquarters in Italy, after the factory extension was completed last year. This system currently supplies 10% of all the energy we consume in our manufacturing and offices. Surplus energy produced at weekends (and when the company is closed) is fed into the grid and sold, bringing additional environmental and economic benefits. 

The second phase of the photovoltaic system installation started this month. It will be installed on the roof of the headquarters in Brescia, which does not yet have solar panels. The work will be completed by the end of the year. Once the system is in operation, it will cover a total area of 15 thousand square metres and we will be able to generate 21% of the company's total energy consumption. The total investment, including renovating the roof, is around 2 million Euro, with an ROI of about 10 years. 

In fact, not only will we double the portion of green energy used in our daily work, but we will also further reduce CO2 emissions, remove the asbestos roofing and increase our ESG rating: another important step toward sustainability. 

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