To make a difference for our customers but, in an even broader perspective, also for the environment around us and the generations to come. This is one of the ambitious missions promoted by our company, which is on the front line against wasting an important and valuable resource such as water. As the data released by ISTAT (the Italian National Institute of Statistics) in March 2023 shows, every day in Italy, where our headquarters are located, we lose 157 litres of water for every inhabitant due to the dilapidated distribution infrastructure. This amount would suffice to meet the water needs of 43 million people, or more than 7 out of 10 Italians.     

We are fighting on the front line against water waste, and it does so in practice by producing increasingly high-performance ball valves, guaranteed for life thanks to rigorous and strict control procedures and a choice of excellent raw materials.  
That is why "the quality controls performed on our ball valves are extremely strict and thorough," explains Alberto Biemmi, Quality Control Manager. "After assembling together the various parts of the valve we carry out several automatic tests on 100% of the them, using certified leak detection devices to control their water tightness." If these tests show up leaks, confirming that the valves fail to meet the set parameters, they are discarded. Further leak tests are carried out, again on 100% of the ball valves, at least 24 hours later to check for any micro-leaks.
To ensure that the checks are completely accurate and precise, the leak detection devices installed on our machines are checked and certified every year by an in-dependent laboratory.

In short, we make every effort to contain waste, for greater satisfaction of our customers who, together with us, are committed to the well-being of the Planet on which we all live and for which we must all do our part.

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