In many countries, national certification requirements are mandatory and this applies for North America and Canada too.  This means that products must be approved before they are imported and placed on the market, otherwise they are deemed unmarketable.
Over time, RuB ball valves and actuators have received certification from renowned international bodies, which have certified not only their high-quality standards, but also attest to their rigorous production control processes.

These certifications, which are listed on every technical data sheet available on our websites, serve as evidence that our products meet the most stringent requirements of top producers and distributors and are certified for multiple uses and markets throughout the world.
Among the most challenging to manage, given the complexity and in-depth nature of the analyses involved, are the gas and drinking water approvals for USA and Canada markets, more specifically, CSA (Canadian Standards Association), CSA Drinking water, CRN/TSSA, FM- Factory Mutual and UL – Underwriters Laboratories.
Some of these authorities schedule reporting visits to our headquarters in Italy every quarter to perform a half-day inspection. During the visit to our production site, the inspector assesses the state of production of products being certified, examines the documents, physically verifies the parts and ensures that there is no misuse of their trademark, among other things.
In addition to checking and managing the certification of our finished products, we also monitor those that our suppliers should possess. This includes suppliers of gaskets, lubricants, etc... For us, these certificates are also important, because they have a direct impact on the certification of our finished products.

Some inspectors want to investigate not only the quality of the product, but also request updates of company procedures and the quality system: in this case, rather than being an audit of an individual product, it becomes a ‘light’ company audit, during which the quality system is checked and the processes, documentation and company structure are verified.

We embrace challenges and up until now can say that we are satisfied: all the certifications and recognitions we have received from international bodies are official confirmation that we are doing is in the best interests of suppliers, customers, people and the Plan

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