Ball valves with downstream exhaust are used for air flow control in industrial pneumatic applications.
The RuB s.93 NPT valve is available with diameters from ¼” to 2”, full port, forged brass body with automatic draining system to block air supply to pneumatic tools when closing the valves. 
A muffler can also be fitted to limit system noise.
This feature is especially useful in situations where a compressed air system has to be discharged in accordance with OSHA safety regulations.

Moreover, it comes with a patented, tamper-proof lockable handle, which can be locked in the closed position to ensure greater safety throughout the system.
Its carbon steel handle with Geomet® corrosion protection coating is also covered in thick PVC to provide the operator with both thermal protection and electrical insulation.

The s.93 NPT is suitable for use in a range of systems using compressed air or other inert gases in a variety of sectors: production line automation, air tool safety (e.g. drills, grinders, impact wrenches), pneumatic instrumentation, pressure flushing systems, nitrogen generators, portable compressors, compressed air distribution, pneumatic control panels, etc.

System safety is essential to prevent accidents and environmental damage, and to ensure the people involved are protected. We aim to make a tangible impact by offering products that can help users monitor and guarantee safety at all times.

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