An acronym whose meaning touches on fundamental areas for many industrial sectors, where the pursuit of sustainable solutions can truly make a difference. This acronym is HVAC-R, with the first four letters standing for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. In many industrial fields, the letter R, is often added to this acronym, meaning Refrigeration.

We have four areas where technical development can and must increasingly ensure operational efficiency combined with energy and water savings, thereby reducing the impact on the environment - a theme that is very important to our company. It is precisely with this perspective that RuB brass ball valves and actuators are developed, designed to control and manage the flow of various fluids and maintain adequate pressure. All these elements affect the overall efficiency of the system. We not only offer reliable and durable performance with a perfect seal for HVAC-R systems, but also consistently adhere to current regulations on energy efficiency, contributing to the growing awareness of environmental sustainability issues.

Specifically, there are many combinations of standard RuB valves and actuators to choose from, and these are complemented by all the OEM solutions we can provide. Our Engineering Center Department is always ready to take on new challenges, evaluate them, and design optimal solutions to meet all customer requests.

Our RuB ball valves thus become fundamental components within complex and interconnected mechanical systems, composed of air conditioners, boilers, air purifiers, and heat pumps. Each individual system contributes to the same goal: optimizing the management of indoor comfort while maintaining extremely high standards of quality and safety.
Our products find applications in various sectors, ranging from residential, commercial to tertiary, and industrial. Above all, our RuB ball valves and actuators contribute to the quality of life even in environments such as schools and hospitals, where maintaining air quality is crucial.

Here are some indispensable RuB products for optimal performance and control of HVAC-R systems:

  • s.95: Full port flow, blowout-proof stem, and dual FPM O-rings for maximum safety. 100% made in Italy.
  • s.92: Full port flow and steam rated. Adjustable packing gland for lower torque and easy maintenance.100% made in Italy.  
  • s.82: Full port flow with side drain to divert or drain fluids as well as for gauges and sensors. 100% made in Italy.  

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